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What makes us....

Analogica as a Team is comprised of Data Science Practitioners who have evolved out of different streams. There comes a point in science & technology, after which traditional methods stop giving results. At Analogica, we are a set of people who have found each other wondering about Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber security and Internet of things. It is obvious that the above fields are culminating to form the Foundation of the Economy in future

The motivation to start Analogica was the absence of a company which can extend certified assurance to the starts-ups and mid-range companies which cannot afford the consulting of a Tier-1 companies.

We solve problems, so do others? Only we wish to have a standard methodology to it, so that like any good model, the solutions can be Scaled, Repeatable and Accurate.

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Data Science Consulting

We love Data Science and we are passionate to spread the knowledge. Our team members have more than 10 years’ experience in Data Science. Wait a minute? We are in 2019 now and there wasn’t much of data science in 2009 was it? Then how do we have 10 years’ experience in Data Science? Well our team members are from various background such as Astronomy, Space Systems Engineering and Computational Science (Not Computer Science). The core of these sciences is computational Mathematics and Statistics applied with Physics. We take pride in being from Core Scientific fields and we believe that it gives us the edge when we teach the technique of applied mathematics relevant to data science.

Corporate Training

We build Data Products and while we are it, we also train the next generation of Data Scientists. We have a comprehensive curriculum for AI and ML which has been designed for in-house training. With a proper tuning, we have developed a corporate program which assures maturity in terms of Data Science thinking and Practices over the period of our training

We have leveraged the same to the students who wish to get certified from Analogica. We don’t make the subject easy, we make it so interesting that you won’t even care how complicated it is. And while we are mentoring the young minds, our own team is refreshing the fundamentals. We believe this is right way to keep our team connected to the first principals. We also believe that this makes a Data Science Consulting Firm with an aptitude for research.

Some subjects talk to the intellect, some subjects talk to our emotions. Analogica is all about being passionate about Data Science, IOT and Cyber security Practices and unravelling the mysteries hidden inside the data and at the same time protect it. 

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