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Why Machine Learning is the Future!

Desire to learn has been the primary force behind human  evolution and progress. With advent of thinking machines, the world is about to get a lot more interesting. It is hard to predict the massive impact AI will have on the future generation. However, a prediction about AI ignorant workforce can be safely made; ... they will be irrelavant. - Vijay Shanthagiri,  CEO, Analogica

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Get Trained by Industries best AI Practioners

Artificial Intelligence is a subject that is highly demanding in terms of IQ, Technical Acumen, Domain knowledge, Mathematical Insight and Programming Capability. How do you know if this career is the right choice for you? To answer this question, you would have to take a short course which will be taughtwith the highest degree of involvement by industry experts who are passionate about teaching AI. It will be free of course! Once you realize that Artificial Intelligence is indeed a career that you really want , that's when we would be happy to send you an invitation to enroll into our program!

Core Modules for

Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence

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Python Programming

Anaconda / Jupyter NB / Pandas/ Python Packages for ML/ Data Visualization

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Statistical Analysis

Inferential/ Descriptive/ Exploratory Data Analysis


Machine Learning

Mathematics of Learning / Python API's/Model Accuracy/ Hands-On Projects


Deep learning

Mathematical Foundation / Hands-On Projects with deep learning application


Model Deployment

Deploying Models on Cloud, IOT devices and In real time conditions

Analogica's premium online training will ensure that you will never miss a concept. Vibe with our community and learn as a team. Access all the recordings for a period of one year after enrolling.


Avail corporate classroom training for a complete immersive experience. Connect, Build and deploy with our team of experts while interacting on live data science projects being conducted at analogica training center in Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

Watch Class

Hands on Projects on ML and AI.

Work on Cutting Edge Projects

Some common questions are answered

Some of our students have taken it to the next level....

This smart dustbin was built at analogica using artificial intelligence

This is a Smart Dustbin created by Team at Analogica along with the Students who take our courses and interns working with Analogica. This dustbin can detect different kinds of materials using sensors and image processing. The core classification engine has been developed as a model using deep learning and has been deployed on arduino microprocessor.

The design , construction and ideation was done by four student interns at analogica pursing their masters from Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences. Interns from analogica who are pursuing their Btech who also take courses from analogica on Data Science have joined hands with the Team from Ramaiah to create this marvellous piece of talking device.


Student testimonials

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Anudit Bhatt Anemoi Technologies

Analogica's Machine learning course is simply great. I was a student transitioning from non-It background. The course was a game changer for me.

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Akanksha Manipal Institute of Technology

I happened to attend a one-day workshop on machine learning and AI from Analogica. It was a Sunday. In one day, we were introduced to machine learning in the best way possible. The entire experience was unforgettable. I guess that was the start of my passion for data science. Thanks Analogica!

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Pavan Shetty Supply Chain Management, Altran Systems

Happy to say that I and a couple of my friends were the first batch of AI course at Analogica. It was very interactive and worth every moment of my time. More than that, it was way more affordable than other course providers.

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Nisha Computer Science, Cambridge Institute of Technology

We were a batch of 11 students who took the course+ Internship program with Analogica. All of us were completely happy. Ours was a classroom led course and it was just wholesome in its entirety . Thanks team Analogica. I wish you all the best 🙂

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Manjunath S Master Data Management, Infosys BPM

I was so excited to join machine learning course from analogica and the experience lived up to every expectation of mine. Especially the classes on statistics where the instructor , Vijay goes deep into every simple concept and connecting the dots with the larger picture. Its that approach which makes this course super fun . Must take if you want to learn the right way. All the best Analogica, keep up the good work.

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