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ethical hacking
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15 students

Ethical hacking also known as penetration testing/ cyber security is a practice of hacking/gaining access to a protected technology ethically or with proper

An ethical hacker strives to replicate the working of a black hat hacker by analyzing the defense protocols and social-engineering aspects of an organization.
His job is to make sure the organization reacts to these situations well enough if they are already not doing so.

Many IT Professionals as well as Career Starters have taken up the course and for those who passed, almost all are gainfully employed with successful careers, but
the landscape is changing. Cyber Security as a profession is evolving, the barrier to entry is rising, the demand for Skilled Cyber professionals continues to grow, but it
is being refined, demanding a higher level of skill and ability.

This course is designed in such a way that even students from non IT background won’t face any sort of difficulty to cope up with the syllabus. With experienced
trainers on board, every concept is covered from scratch and are delivered in the best possible way there is.

Target Audience

Students, System Administrators, Network Administrators and Engineers, Web managers, Auditors, Security Professionals in general, any working professional from
non-IT background with basic computer knowledge willing to change their career.


Training and Certification

We have offline classroom as well as online training procedure where each and every topic is explained thoroughly. There would be weekly exams and daily
quizzes to asses the student’s progress. After the training period students have to write blogs and sit for the examination which would live as well as theory
exam. After passing the examination, Analogica will help the student to build his/her resume and will work on portfolio making.


  • Key issues plaguing the information security world, incident management process, and penetration testing.
  • Phases of hacking.
  • Indian IT act and laws.
  • How to become completely anonymous over the Internet.
  • Dark and Deep web.
  • Information gathering methodology and countermeasures.
  • Scanning methodology and countermeasures.
  • Vulnerability Assessment methodology and countermeasures.
  • Exploitation methodology and countermeasures.
  • Basic Web-application vulnerabilities.
  • Basic Android vulnerabilities.
  • Basic Database vulnerabilities and SQL injection methodologies.
  • Steganography and Steg analysis.
  • How to be a secure computer user.
  • Professional report writing.
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Fardeen Ahmed is one of those rare talents in cyber security domain , who is serious about creating awareness about possible cyber security threats for data centric software companies across Bangalore and Karnataka. His Certifications and engagements with industry and educational institutions speaks volumes about his conviction. He keeps himself abreast with cutting edge technologies , a fact which is further substantiated by the fact that he is certified by EC Council , United States, which is the only recognized certifying body of knowledge for the world. He is right in asserting that the next wars are fought against economy of the countries and not against the people of a particular country. Cyber security is window to steal the information using which economies can be slowed down. With the fast moving pace of India's digitalization, Fardeen is quiet certain that india will see a sudden demand for expert cyber security analysts. With that in mind, he has created a foundation course taught over the period of 3 days to recognize the hidden gems who could take up the mantle of ethical cyber skills. He is well versed with penetration testing and python programming. Not to forget his expertise in internet of things and IOT security which again is the main problem area when smart city projects are implemented throughout India. His presence adds value to our clients trust and the students who come under his mentorship.

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  • adish Raj

    Diploma in Cybersecurity

    Very informative and helpful. Highly recommend this for anyone who want to get into the world of cybersecurity
  • aman Singh

    Diploma in Cybersecurity

    This is exactly what i wanted . Thank you you for this amazing course .
  • naveen Das

    Diploma in Cybersecurity

    This is really great ! More than i expected . learned lots for valuable lessons from this course
  • basith shetty

    Diploma in Cybersecurity

    To the point explanation with real life examples.highly recommend this course
  • himanshu Hegde

    Diploma in Cybersecurity

    I enjoyed this course right from beginning to the end.i recommend this for beginners
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