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Your data has insights that can change your entire business model. We are a Data Science and AI consulting Team that can draw actionable connections in your data for you to discover hidden business potential.

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data product development

data product development

Your data is your biggest asset and if you are concerned about its exclusivity, you might want to get a stand-alone data product built for you and your team.

real-time analytics

While your present systems keep collecting data, How would you like to have a one-click pipeline to process your data and build predictive models. It helps when there is an algorithm assisting you in real-time to predict future events. If something like this excites you, we would be glad to assist you in getting that implemented.

data driven marketing

data driven marketing

If you are wondering why your digital marketing efforts are not showing the results you expected, we have one question for you...

Is your Digital Marketing Strategy DATA-DRIVEN?

process automation for medium enterprises

A large business has a large automation team. A small business with potential to grow often requires a custom made automation for its processes. We might be able to help.

Decision support systems

Decision support systems

The knowledge base that you have can give you an edge.

International Events

Discover a diverse range of opportunities : Ajman University’s Winter Study Tour 2022.

International Winter School

Technology Stack

technology stack
technology stack
technology stack
technology stack
technology stack

Connecting Universities Internationally

UnisynQ International has been created with the vision to connect National Universities with International Universities to facilitate student exchanges and improved research collaborations.

Reach out to us to know more about the possibilities to connect and grow academically. > Please write to us at hello@unisynq.com!

Skill up on emerging technologies!

Analogica's Ed-tech platform is a platform par excellence in the area of certifications program where excellent mentoring is combined with hard assessments to achieve technical transformations.

Visit www.certisured.com for more information.

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Internatinal Conference on Industry 4.0

Analogica is chosen as the organizing partner for ICI4, the international conference on technologies related to industry 4.0. visit www.ici4.eu to register and participate.